Star chamber justice

Star-chamber justice in Pennsylvania

“Sunlight is said to be the best of disinfectants; electric light the most efficient policeman,” U.S. Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis wrote. But that policeman hasn’t been on the job in Pennsylvania, and hasn’t been for some time. Posted 2-14-15. Read more »

Pennsylvania judges make million dollar pay grab

Old judge

Pennsylvanians have been well served and protected in recent decades by a hard-won constitutional reform requiring all state judges retire at age 70. But some Pennsylvania judges are working hard to do away with this needed protection. Posted 3-5-15. Read more »

Harrisburg PA parking boycott

Harrisburg Parking boycott

Harrisburg PA bailout parking scheme shows $3 million revenue shortfall

Revenue numbers associated with parking transactions for Pennsylvania's capital city are starting to come in. In 2014 revenues from this new parking deal were a whopping $3 million short of projections, according to a report released in late January by the Pennsylvania Economic Development Financing Authority. Posted 2-7-15. Read more »


Share your Food Sense

U.S. Department of Justice violates Luna crime scene

Luna: No man, no problem

While Assistant U.S. Attorney Jonathan Luna lies dead in a stream, his superiors rush through a questiponable drug plea deal. Posted 12-5-13. Read more » 


Red Rabbit

Google blinded

Pennsylvania state official wants links to Jerry Sandusky trial transcripts removed from the web. ‘Right to be forgotten’ comes to U.S.? Posted 10-22-14. Read more »

Red Rabbit

Environmental officials protect DOD, conceal dangers from students and families. Report citing ‘significant helath concerns’ labeled ‘Not For Public Release.’ Posted 10-28-10. Read more »


The Midnight Ride of Jonathan Luna

Shortly before midnight, Assistant United States Attorney Jonathan Luna vanishes from his desk in the federal courthouse in Baltimore, Maryland. The next morning, before dawn, his body is found face down in a cold stream outside of Lancaster, Pennsylvania. He’s been stabbed dozens of times....

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The Sins of Our Fathers

In The Sins of Our Fathers, two young writers discover dark secrets about their hometown, and a century of hidden history leading to the public suicide of a state treasurer.

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The Wrong Car

On the hot summer evening of July 21 1969, while riding through York, Pennsylvania, with her family, Lillie Belle Allen was shot and murdered by a gang of teenaged boys before the watching eyes of police and many neighbors.

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The Meltdown

20-somethings looking for fun and adventure cross paths with a nuclear meltdown ...

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